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电子游戏新网址:Commercial Pension Insurance and Pension Target Fund Which one should I choose?

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内容摘要: In the near future, not only is the relevant provisions of the pension fund of the public fund industry formally completed, but the industr...

In the near future, not only is the relevant provisions of the pension fund of the public fund industry formally completed, but the industry is also in full swing to prepare for the “third pillar” of the pension business. Recently, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China Securities Regulatory Commission jointly issued documents to pilot tax deferred commercial endowment insurance in Shanghai, Fujian and Suzhou Industrial Parks. The pension target fund will work with the pension needs of the people together with the commercial pension insurance product . Both are financial products that provide services for our elderly. How do we choose?


Although the country has not yet introduced a tax deferred commercial endowment insurance product design rules, but because the tax deferred commercial pension insurance products are essentially commercial pension insurance products, and the latter is a product that has long been sold on the market for many years, so We can make some advance understanding of existing products. According to the relevant regulations of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, commercial pension insurance is a special kind of annuity insurance. The so-called annuity insurance is an insurance policy in which the insured survives and pays insurance money, that is, if the insured is alive, the insurance company pays the insurance at regular intervals. Annuity insurance If you want to become a pension insurance, you need to satisfy two additional conditions: one is that you cannot pay insurance benefits before the statutory retirement age, and the other is that every two payment periods cannot exceed one year.


Which of the commercial endowment insurance products and public pension fund? We can compare the two types of products in terms of risk return characteristics and pension risk concerns. Understand the differences in the product, you also know how to choose.


First, the product's risk-return characteristics. Commercial pension insurance is generally targeted at more conservative pension products, mostly fixed-income or guaranteed floating income products. The yields of these two types of products are generally not high and the risks are low, but they have relatively clear future returns. For policy holders, they can be more attentive, so they are more suitable for risk-averse and stable investors. The Pension Target Fund is committed to providing investors with investment management services for pension assets. Investment risks and benefits are borne by investors themselves. Investment is flexible to meet investment needs with different risk preferences, but no guarantee can be made. The pension target fund can also provide products with different risk-return characteristics based on investment demand, such as target risk strategy funds with different risk levels. Therefore, the pension target fund is more suitable for investors who are willing to take certain risks or be clear about their own risk preferences in order to pursue faster and more accumulation of old-age funds, and hopes to find investors corresponding to risk-return characteristics products.


Second, about the pension risk that the product is concerned about. Individuals face two main risks in their retirement: longevity risk and inflation risk. The longevity risk means that as our life expectancy grows, pensions may be spent ahead of schedule and will not be enough for later use. Some commercial endowment insurance products can promise lifetime payment, that is, as long as the insured lives, the insurance company will always pay the pension, so it can better avoid the longevity risk. Public pension target funds do not promise income, and they cannot promise to pay on a regular basis. For investors, the pension at this time is the property of the fund share. Although public funds can earn more pensions by seeking higher yields, if investors do not plan to use them quickly, they may still face a premature situation. Therefore, from the perspective of longevity risk protection, commercial endowment insurance products are now doing better, and public funds are more in need of investors to use their own planning.


Inflation risk means that as the price increases, the actual purchasing power of pensions may shrink over time. Old-age pensions for commercial pension insurance are usually fixed for each period after retirement. As investors grow older, the equivalent pensions they receive may be less and less. The public pension target fund, because of its managerial advantage in equity assets, in the long run, the large probability of the old-age assets invested by investors can be added continuously, and the accumulation of pensions is also more efficient. Therefore, from the perspective of inflation risk, the pension fund will do a better job.


In summary, although there is a difference between pension target funds and commercial pension products, there is a very good complementarity to pension investment demand. For individuals, it is not smart to simply select a particular product. A more sensible choice is to build the most suitable product mix based on risk tolerance and actual pension needs, and to build the most suitable product portfolio to achieve both guaranteed bottom-line and higher returns. To achieve a multiplier effect. China Fund pension management qualification is comprehensive and experienced. At present, there are a number of pension-oriented fund products pending approval, and we hope that in the future we can provide professional and rich pension investment services for investors.





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